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Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

Aboriginal Commonwealth Home Support Program is funded by the Department of Social Services.

Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation provides Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services.


The range of CHSP service types delivered include:

  • Social Support – Group: Assists people to participate in community life and develop social connections through group-based activities.

  • Social Support – Individual: Assists people individually to participate in community life and feel socially included.

Transport and personal assistance: Assistance with shopping, visiting health practitioners and attending social activities.


Your Contributions

Consumers are required to pay a small contribution for the support they receive from Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation for home support services, if they can afford to. A schedule of the fees will be provided to you at your Commencement Meeting. You can at any time contact the office for an up to date schedule of fees.
Our fees are revised annually with consideration to your ability to pay. We will advise you of any changes.
You are most welcome to discuss your contribution level or any changes to it with us.


Contribution reduction

We recognise that the circumstances of some people may make it difficult to pay the contribution for support. If you are experiencing difficulties, you can request a contribution reduction by completing a Contribution Reduction Form. In assessing your request, we consider your income, household circumstances and any other special circumstances or hardships that make it difficult for you to pay. You will be advised of the result of your request within 15 working days.

Our Fees CHSP Clients

Transport One Way


Transport Return


Social Support Individual

$10.00 per hour

Social Support Group Outings

$20.00 per day

Social Support Group at SRAC

$15.00 per day



Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation is not currently an Approved Provider to manage clients Home Care Packages.


Clients who have a HCP with another Approved Provider example with Australian Unity, may purchase services from SRAC. Fees will vary and be negotiated with the client’s package holder.

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